Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a gregarious sun riddle
the arch of passing time
a prehistoric rattle of wild oat and rose
stirring dormant adolescent spirits
to wake from millenniums of hibernation
a barking oceanside seal
chasing down a fleeting sunset
with sleepy eyes
between two stars
a long remember reaching
a longer breath stretching
whistles warm air

Sunday, October 26, 2014

the trail is never ending
in the lucid dust of existence
dune songs stepped within ancient steeples
mountain mind crafts
churches for infinite pilgrims
we are but eternal seeds
a small grain in a grandiose universe
cauldron miracles
goes thanks and praise
a longing to hit the indian roads
an admission of greatness
yearning for a wilderness tincture
of cats claw and slippery elm
a thick patch of golden black eyed susan
to jump into with a wide open heart
a divine gurgle erupting from the inside
to explode and angelically awaken

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It is a familiar sound
a welcomed rap at the door
an angelic repeat, a spirit replay
how many of there are you 
that traveled such distances from far off galaxies
to meet in divine avenues
transversing an illustrious mystery
this rock we are on full of rich particles and giant windows
for peering and seeking
a bio feedback of fate and destiny
that knocks and knocks and knocks
silent prayers and holy incantations
to all familial gold water cells
let me in

Sunday, July 20, 2014

long ago near an abandoned quarry
we swam in a rapturous floating garden
with frail force and the energy of dainty oceanic winds
stalking invisible nothings like a topical bruise cream
you crept along basking in a buttery sunlight
a kind prayer casts moss green symphonies
conjuring medicinal dreams
and tuning frequencies to the abiding sounds of nature
rendered and whirling
a cosmic torque somehow 
happened there

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the forest is the sea
from these depths there are infinite reefs of welfare
scholarships of verdant greens, blurred visions frosty like iced asparagus
in a state of preservation
promise it was the tide, the weather, and the magnetic possibilities that vortexed the mystery
they are to blame
for the wrecked comets of lichen and moss 
and a spurious sunken lighthouse
there might have been more  
and this only a shadow
an emerald phantom harboring beneath the ocean's glistening sheet
languid and whispering

Thursday, April 10, 2014

pa star ponders big thoughts at high tide
from the tugboat circling a distant glacier
a thick ruddy baton for paddling grapples 
swept up logs for ceremony
to form new old habitats
enough swan steps 
the vicar calls from the shoreline
archaeological ruins recovered beyond cosmos
a handful of monumental artifacts the size and shape of angelic peas
what might float away
kind hearts 
illuminating sandy flats
cave prints collected
divine fossils resurrected 
boom rang the sea ministry 

Friday, April 4, 2014

O great crystalline 
the end is merely the beginning
lead me lapidary to your mountains of superstition
well up your gold
bow to the bow, the riffle, the arrow 
the scrubland of charged soil, dry earth, and death
spirit medicine desert keepers
ignite a united clearing
cardinal points to community nomads
patches of elementals woven in ornate tapestries
honey calcite, himalayan quartz, jasper, copper king, slate and soaptree,
long neck cacti clusters with worshiping arms
with solid feet the barren oceans lair  
formed the final, the infinite, the everlasting
particles of us