Thursday, April 10, 2014

pa star ponders big thoughts at high tide
from the tugboat circling a distant glacier
a thick ruddy baton for paddling grapples 
swept up logs for ceremony
to form new old habitats
enough swan steps 
the vicar calls from the shoreline
archaeological ruins recovered beyond cosmos
a handful of monumental artifacts the size and shape of angelic peas
what might float away
kind hearts 
illuminating sandy flats
cave prints collected
divine fossils resurrected 
boom rang the sea ministry 

Friday, April 4, 2014

O great crystalline 
the end is merely the beginning
lead me lapidary to your mountains of superstition
well up your gold
bow to the bow, the riffle, the arrow 
the scrubland of charged soil, dry earth, and death
spirit medicine desert keepers
ignite a united clearing
cardinal points to community nomads
patches of elementals woven in ornate tapestries
honey calcite, himalayan quartz, jasper, copper king, slate and soaptree,
long neck cacti clusters with worshiping arms
with solid feet the barren oceans lair  
formed the final, the infinite, the everlasting
particles of us